Man of Steel countdown (1 Day): World Premiere

Wednesday, 12th June 2013
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Today was the UK / European premiere of Man of Steel and although I was unable to go, I did manage to watch the live stream via my iPhone (thank you Apple). If I can find a video link for it I will post it below. But for now here is a YouTube link for the World Premiere.

I can't believe there is only 1 day (2 sleeps) left until I get to watch the most anticipated film I have wanted to see since, well truthfully, the Matrix. I remember watching Matrix Reloaded thinking "now that's how you make a man fly - come on Superman / DC / WB; take note!", of course a few years later they came out with Superman Returns which was so pathetic I had to instantly turn to my wife and apologise for making her go see it.

I'm confident that won't happen again this time. Kind of.

Anyway, back to the video - enjoy...

MAN OF STEEL -- World Premiere (FULL)
MAN OF STEEL -- European Premiere (HIGHLIGHTS)

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